Trials of Betty

still I rise . . .

17 April 1958
California, United States
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I am a writer. This realization came to me when I received my first rejection letter and promptly re-sent a query letter to another agent. I've several works in progress, one completed novel, now in re-writes, and several ideas percolating. I've been writing regularly since the Summer of 2003.

Writing is a new avocation for me, however, although I wrote many short stories during my adolescent and teen years. Then college, law school, travel, my family, men, my profession intruded, and I ceased writing for twenty years. I'm shopping my first book, Indefensible, a legal thriller, and am now working on several other novels and short stories primarily in Mystery and SF/F genres.

I've published two articles on writing: How to develop a Thick Skin

Research and Worldbuilding for those who Hate Libraries

Sometimes I post snippets for custom locked flist. If you'd like to be included please let me know.